By Victoria Byron, Sep 1 2020 08:00PM

Tamlin and Ruby were originally going to travel together. Here's an image that didn't get used.

By Victoria Byron, Sep 1 2020 07:57PM

I'm very excited to announced that my second Picturebook 'Tamlin's Great Adventure' has been published by Starfish Bay Publishing and is now out in hardback. It's been a long wait but he's finally going on his adventures. "Where is your face mask Tamlin?"

By Victoria Byron, Feb 18 2020 10:41AM

I keep meaning to write a story about my Nan, she was such an inspiration to me when I was a child. She always brought fun things in her bag when she came to visit.

By Victoria Byron, Jun 26 2019 01:15PM

Thank you to my brother-in-law, Marcus Byron, for his great woodwork skills and for helping me to set up a new studio. After all those years of working from the kitchen table it's great to finally have a proper space to call my own. Watch this space for some new and exciting work!

By Victoria Byron, Mar 6 2019 05:05PM

In anticipation of World Book Day, tomorrow, I paid a visit to Broadclyst Primary School to talk to the reception children about being an illustrator. It was a lovely morning with lots of friendly, smiling little faces, asking lots of questions. After I read the children a story I got them to do some wonderful bird drawings, which had lots of fabulous colours. We started by drawing an egg shape, which was then turned into birds of all shapes and sizes. By starting a drawing with a simple shape, young children are less intimidated by the blank sheet of paper. I only wish that I had photographed a few more of the drawings. Alas! Time seemed to run away.

By Victoria Byron, Feb 27 2019 08:02PM

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but Tamlin is going on his great adventure at last! Due to be published by Starfish Bay Publishing, March 2020. It’s all very exciting!

By Victoria Byron, Aug 15 2018 11:54AM

There is still a couple of weeks to see Gerald the giraffe at the 'Alfie's Night Out' exhbition. Gerald is quite big headed in this story about being the most popular exhibit in the museum! Huge thanks to Roy Adams www.myiontheworld.com for taking some wonderful photographs.

By Victoria Byron, May 25 2018 03:42PM

As I was drawing in the museum I came across a sparrow - no 114. He stood out to me amongst the more bigger and colourful birds in the collection. He looked cheeky and chirpy, yet small and ordinary. I thought children would relate to him as they can often feel small and overlooked, so he was just right for my main character. Initially I wanted to call him Solomon but it was decided by the museum that he would be name Alfie. Much more child friendly, so, the character of Alfie began to develop.

By Victoria Byron, May 25 2018 03:24PM

Please come and see the exhibition it if you have the chance. It's on until September 2nd. Good for little ones, and grown ups alike!

By Victoria Byron, May 25 2018 02:30PM

It's 150 years since The Royal Albert Memorial Museum (RAMM) first opened its doors in Exeter. For their anniversary the museum asked me to design a children's book to be sold in their shop.

The brief was to show a variety of exhibits from the collection at RAMM and include Prince Albert himself of course!