Children's Books

Tamlin's Great Adventure

StarfishBay Publishing:

Published 2020


Tamlin is a very lucky horse, who lives in a field with his best friend Ruby. However when a little bird tells him about the wide world, Tamlin wonders what is beyond the field and sets off to explore the world. But is the grass really greener?


Alfie's Night Out

Available from the Shop at RAMM


Alfie is a sparrow who lives in a cabinet in the Royal Albert Memorial Museum. One night, when all is silent, something magical  happens and the museum comes to life! Alfie discovers all sorts of exciting things as he has a flap about in the museum.





front cover https://www.rammuseum.org.uk/visiting-us/shop/ 11&12 3 and 4 Tamlin footer https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tamlins-Great-Adventure-Victoria-Byron/dp/1760360848